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Spira Chocolate Bar

Spira was a chocolate bar made by Cadbury in 1984. Spira bars came in a pack containing two hollow, twisted, spiral shaped fingers and was initially only available in the south-west and north-west of England in the mid-1980s, before it was rolled out across the country. 

When the Spira bar was created in 1984 it was born of two key factors. A new production process allowed chocolate to be produced in different shapes and textures without the need for moulds. Secondly, the company perceived a weakness in its product mix with too few ‘countline’ products and limited appeal to teenagers.

Three potential products were taken forward from concept stage and the most successful was a named 'Rollers' which was twisted with a cartwheel cross-section. After further changes and refinement it eventually became the Spira bar. It was aimed squarely at the 15-24 year old market.

Following a million-pound investment in plant at the Bournville factory, Cadbury first test-launched Spira in the Granada television region. The chocolate was successful enough to gain a 6.3% market share and the number two chocolate position, but it proved impossible to produce sufficient quantities to keep up with demand at this stage. The bar was withdrawn from market and a new test market was established in the south-west while additional factory capacity was built.

During 1989, the bar was launched nationwide. It continued to be available until June 2005, when it was replaced by the 'Twirl' chocolate bar as part of a rebranding process.


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Do You Remember Spira Chocolate Bar?

Do You Remember Spira Chocolate Bar?