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Space Ace was produced and shown in Japan between 1965 to 1966 and aired in Melbourne in February 1968 on channel 9 at 5pm. A young lad from space crash lands on earth. He cant breathe in Earth's atmosphere and is found by a scientist and his daughter who create something to allow him to breath. Space Ace, as i remember him being called, was a refugee from a space war and was being tracked by his race's enemies as were all his people. He was searching for his lost father. He could twirl his hand above his head and a power ring would appear that he would throw at his enemies, destroying them, or reshape the ring into a sword or whatever. In one episode he encounters a masked fighter in a gladiator arena who turns out to be a member of his race. He had a V on the front of his helmet. This cartoon appeared at the same time that the original astro Boy appeared. I have never been able to find out any info of this show and would appreciate any help.

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Do You Remember Space Ace?