Soylent Green (1973)

This is a Sci-fi film from 1973 based on Harry Harrison's novel 'Make Room! Make Room!', starring Charlton Heston, Chuck Connors, and Edward G. Robinson in his last film.

In the year 2022, the world has been ravaged by environmental collapse, massive overpopulation and the near-exhaustion of natural resources (what's new?!). There is state-sponsored voluntary euthanasia available to anyone who can no longer cope with living in this hellish world. Most people survive on processed synthetic food produced by the gigantic multinational Soylent Corporation, which has just introduced a new variety of wafer-like supplement called Soylent Green.

Charlton Heston plays underpaid, overworked detective Robert Thorne, who shares a cramped flat with retired Jewish classics professor Sol Roth. Thorne is assigned to investigate the murder of a top Soylent executive, who is found in his apartment one night mysteriously bludgeoned to death.

You'll never be able to listen to Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony again without thinking of the last half hour of this creepy and extremely black satire on the human impact upon Planet Earth.

Tragically, Edward G. Robinson (who had earlier starred with Heston in 'The Ten Commandments') passed away just 12 days after filming was completed, and the movie was released in his memory.

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Do You Remember Soylent Green?

Do You Remember Soylent Green?