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Sound-effects Keyring

I don't know what they were called. There were two types of sound-effects keyring. They were both small plastic boxes that could fit in the palm of your hand and the first type had 6 small grey buttons on one side and the other type had 12 of these buttons. Each button emmitted a different type of sound effect, ranging from the sound of machine-gun fire, to sirens, strange alienesque wails, crackling sound effects and more that i can't remember. On the opposite side to the button was a small speaker which the sound came from. I remember these items were very popular towards the end of the 80s, and every kid wanted one badly.

Recently, I've seen the same kinds of keyrings but with sayings from popular films like Grease, Dirty Dancing or Napolean Dynamite.

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Do You Remember Sound-effects Keyring?

Do You Remember Sound-effects Keyring?