This was a cheap version of an artist's pantograph copying instrument. You pinned a sheet of paper to a drawing board, placed an original drawing/picture alongside and traced the pointer along the outlines of the original. The picture was reproduced on the sheet of drawing paper - albeit the lines being rather jerky in places. The Sketch-a-Graph was made out of black plastic and came folded in a long red box. I recall spending hours with my parents as a child touring the shops of Norwich to find one when they were all the rage.

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Do You Remember Sketch-a-Graph?

Do You Remember Sketch-a-Graph?

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    I still have one in its box. Purchased 1950's I would guess. On the box it states "Made in Australia by Sketch-a-graph Pty. Ltd., PO Box 154, Burwood, N.S.W. It also states "Scientific drawing teacher for young and old" and "Will enlage, reduce or reproduce original size. For maps, pictures, plans, photographs etc" My memory is that it produced a very 'wiggly' copy and was very frustrating. Probably why it is still in the box.