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Sisters Of Mercy

Against popular public opinion, The Sisters Of Mercy are not a goth band, more an industrial groove machine. Still going strong today on the live circuit, but haven't released a studio album since 1992 or a single since 1993 after they went on strike against their recording company, Time Warner, for supposedly withholding royalties from them. But anybody that has seen them live recently would testify, though, that they do have enough quality material to make a new album and should do so asap!

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Do You Remember Sisters Of Mercy?

Do You Remember Sisters Of Mercy?

  • Chaobaby7
    I loved their older stuff, until Wayne Hussey left the band, after that I went of them, I liked "First and last and always" and "Alice" and " Poison door" and " Marianne", they just didn't do it for anymore when Wayne went and formed the Mission.