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The Sex Pistols are an English punk rock band that formed in London in 1975. The band originally comprised vocalist Johnny Rotten, guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Matlock (later replaced by Sid Vicious). Although their initial career lasted only three years and produced only four singles and one studio album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, the Sex Pistols have been described by the BBC as "the definitive English punk rock band." The Pistols are widely credited with initiating the punk movement in the United Kingdom and creating the first generation gap within rock and roll, along with the The Ramones.

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Do You Remember Sex Pistols?

Do You Remember Sex Pistols?

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    Matlock was allegedly fired from the band by Malcolm Mclaren after reportedly saying that 'he liked The Beatles', although I think there must've been more to it than that. The story that Sid Vicious's ashes were scattered at Heathrow Airport is a myth- they were actually scattered on the grave of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen in the US, who pre-deceased him by about 4 months. At the time of Sid's demise, John Lydon claimed that he wasn't bothered about it, but since then has recanted those statements and has weepingly expressed his wish that he'd been there for Sid at the end, at his greatest time of need. For the REAL facts about Sid's life, I recommend the book 'Vicious- Too Fast To Live' by Alan Parker. It reveals that he is most unlikely to have killed Nancy during a drug high, the actual murderer is believed to have been their heroin dealer, who went by the name of 'Rockets Redglare'. Too late now though for him to stand trial- he himself died in '95. Steve Jones now lives in California, where he presents a weekly radio show 'Jonesie's Jukebox', and is a father to two children. John Lydon is a marine biologist now, and spends his time between England and the US. I have a copy of a 1979 compilation Pistols album 'Flogging A Dead Horse', made up of some of their best-known material. They brought out another album 'Kiss This' in '97, though I don't know if it contained any new material. Malcolm Mclaren's death in 2011 from lung cancer was thought to have been due to asbestos poisoning, dating back to the time when he had his clothes shop 'Sex' on the Kings Road. He deliberately smashed holes in the shop's ceiling to create a bombed-out look, unaware that behind the ceiling panels was old asbestos debris, so would have inhaled loads of toxic dust in the process.