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During the late eighties, I spent many a Saturday and Friday night watching Saturday Night Live (at one point it was Friday Night Live) through a blurred vision thanks to a great night out or even a great night in! I absolutely loved this programme and if I'm honest, I still do because I really, really wish they would release the whole series on DVD.

This was comedy, or should that be, left-wing comedy, at its best (and I'm nowhere near the left on the political spectrum!). Hosted by Ben Elton complete with spangly jacket, beard and Reg Holdsworth specs, his acerbic Anti-Thatcher rants and quick wit and delivery soon became a trademark. He was funny as were the acts, or rather 'acts' he introduced.

There were Fry and Laurie, French and Saunders, Jo Brand (who originally was superb) and my favourite The Joan Collin's Fan Club, a young Julian Clary and his poodle Fanny the Wonder Dog. It was just what you wanted after a night on the beer. (I remember watching it on a black and white TV munching on fish and chips).

The show also boasted an indoor fairground and the latest bands who performed their latest hits too. Trouble is, I can't remember WHO performed live because I was always so bleeuuuurrgghghgh!!!

It's a fact that the type of comedy - alternative as it was known then - wouldn't work today, but Saturday Night Live was indeed cutting edge in its day. Moreover, it's interesting to see how many acts on the show went onto more mainstream jobs.

Julian Clary advertises a loo disinfectant! He wasn't made for this!! Steven Fry occasionally has a show on ClassicFM!! Ben Elton and Jo Brand are household names that all the family know these days.

Of course, one cannot mention Saturday Night Live without bringing on the memories of one Stavros, the Greek kebab shop owner. Truly, utterly hilarious, as was Harry Enfield's other comic but oh-so-true-for-the-times-character Loadsamoney. This was Thatcher's 80s Britain.

I'm pleased to say it was also my 80s Britain and Saturday Night Live was a huge part of my teen years (first love, first you-know-what etc, etc).

Very fond memories indeed. PLEASE, let's have some DVDs.

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Do You Remember Saturday Night Live (UK)?

Do You Remember Saturday Night Live (UK)?