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Rosie and Jim

This series has always made me want to live on a narrow boat. Life on the canal just seems like it’s fun and relaxing in my head – and all thanks to “Rosie and Jim”

Rosie and Jim were two ragdolls, who lived in a narrowboat called “the Ragdoll”. They travelled the canals of England with their friend Duck and the owner of the barge. However, the owner of the boat thinks that Rosie and Jim are just normal Ragdolls, not actually alive. Every time the owner visits a local town, Rosie and Jim magically come to life and secretly follow the owner, often causing problems and funny events to happen (Well it was a kids TV show!).

The programme was on CITV since 1990 and was produced by Ragdoll Productions who produced Tots TV, Pob's Programme, Brum, Teletubbies, and In the Night Garden. (Pob was another strange programme that I used to love, but more of that elsewhere…)

It was quite a cool programme because you get to see different parts of the UK that children might not otherwise even be aware of – wow, remember when children’s TV programmes Educated , informed AND entertained?

Rosie and Jim fact: British Waterways used Rosie & Jim and the Ragdoll for their 'Safety near Water' advertising campaign on the UK canal network.

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Do You Remember Rosie and Jim?

Do You Remember Rosie and Jim?