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Ronnie Lane Appeal For ARMS Concert

1984 AT THE OAKLAND COLLASEUM ARENA WHAT A GREAT SHOW! I had 4th row seats on the right side of the stage. on the floor (best seats i have ever had) Eric Clapton opened with Andy Fairwheather Low, Charlie Watts,Paul Rodgers, Bill Whyman and Ray Cooper (on percusion via s.f symphony)backing him up. Great set! then the same group played for the Joe Cocker set.i hadn't seen Joe since i saw him at Winterland years prior to this show and i can only say the man kicked ass.

Next was the jeff beck group with Yon Hammer. Over all i think they were the best of the night, the band was surgical in thier performance. Playing songs from the freeway jam, wired and beckola albums just to name a few. Then it was Mr. Jimmy page's turn to take the stage. Paul Rodgers on vocals, by the way thats were the band the firm got started. The set was awesome the last song of the set was stairway to heaven, Jimmy playing his double neck guitar. When he breaks into the blazing lead on the song Eric and Jeff return to the stage and finish the song with him. They were trading blistering leads with each other. If that wasn't enough the broke right into Layla what can i say it was incredible three of my guitar hero's jammin as only they can. After that song everyone was back on stage. They did goin down and songs from the yard birds days.

Killer show the show was benifit for Multiple sclarosis which Ronnie Lane was diagnossed as having, and in fact dying from. After the tour they found out that Ronnie did not have m.s he had mercury poisoning from fillings in his teeth. He has since recovered.

I shot some awesome 35 mm pictures of the show if anyone would like to buy copies leave a comment on this artice with an email address and i will contact you

Peace Eric

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Do You Remember Ronnie Lane Appeal For ARMS Concert?

Do You Remember Ronnie Lane Appeal For ARMS Concert?

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    I remember this concert and it was the most amazing night. I tell people that I saw Clapton, Beck, Rodgers, Page at a benefit concert at the Oakland Arena and they all tell me it never happened. It is good to see someone else was there. I saw a lot of great concerts at the arena and coliseum but this was a very special night. All over the Bay Area the 70's and 80's was a great time for rock concerts.