Roller skates

Retro Roller skates were the best! The Red leather strap type with the red leather lace up section across the front. The type you can see roller girl wearing in boogie nights...

These were adustable underneath via the loosening of a wing nut to fit the size of your Fee (or in the days of the 70s, your Plimo's!)

I wore mine so much , the wheels eventually went a funny square shape, Bizzarly! They were cheap enough to be replaced several times over though! until i graduated to the roller boots in 1981! The Roller Disco era had begun!!!

I remember getting some for Christmas, and being allowed to go round and round the track in the park. I thought it was great fun. Little did I know that mum and dad were just wearing me out!

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Do You Remember Roller skates?

Do You Remember Roller skates?