Rocky (1976)

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Sylvester Stallone is Rocky Balboa, one of the worst boxers in the world. He smokes, drinks and doesn't care about training until he gets a shot at the world title. He isn't prepared but thanks to Mick (his coach) he quits smoking, trains hard (with the popular Rocky training music) and fights the world champion.

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Do You Remember Rocky?

Do You Remember Rocky?

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    Wasn't the film set in the '30s? There's a tragic bit where he goes out on a Christmas binge with a black friend of his in a stolen truck, dressed up as Father Christmas. The friend later decides to commit suicide because he's had such an awful life, but beforehand he thanks Rocky for giving him such a great final night. His trainer gets him to do all sorts of things to build up his muscles, including getting a job delivering huge chunks of heavy ice to top floor apartments (this was in the days when poor people didn't have fridges). He lugs this massive chunk of ice all the way up to the top storey of a building, only to find a note pinned to the door saying 'No Ice Today Thanks'. Understandably he has a bit of a tantrum, and chucks the ice all the way down stairs- it explodes beautifully! He also hurls heavy rubbish into New York Harbour to develop his biceps, including an old toilet!!
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    all the films were ace! ADRIAN ADRIAN! lol