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Robin's Nest

Robin was a chef who came from another comedy show Man about the house. Robin marries Vickie whose father doesn't approve of her choice of husband. They set up their own restaurant "Robin's Nest" with Vickie's Dad as the other partner in the business. They hire "Riddle" as their kitchen porter who has only one arm.

Robin and the father-in-law are always arguing which adds to the comedy factor and later on in the series Vickie has twins.

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Do You Remember Robin's Nest?

Do You Remember Robin's Nest?

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    Remember it very well, it was a huge favourite of me and my sister. The series was created by Brian Cooke & Johnnie Mortimer, and ran from '76 to '81- Tessa Wyatt played Vicki, with Tony Britton as her father James Nicholls. David Kelly was one- armed Irish waiter Albert Riddle. In the series, Vicki comes up with the idea for 'Robin's Nest' when the Chinese take-away she & Robin live above falls vacant, leaving them unable to afford the rent for the whole building without taking over the buisness themselves. Robin is a brilliant chef, so their own bistro seems like the obvious solution and a superb career opportunity. At first, the series caused controversy with the IBA for it's portrayal of an unmarried couple living together (one episode showed Vicki and Robin in bed together, and special permission had to be granted for the showing of this scene). However, by the '70s this was happening increasingly in society, so was no big deal with the viewng public. The series was hugely popular and very funny- moments I remember were the signwriter getting the restaurant's name wrong and painting 'Robin Snest' above the frontage, and Albert volunteering to unblock the sink of tea-leaves saying "Waste not, want not"! None other than Honor Blckman played Vicki's divorced mother, with Peggy Aitchaison (of 'Crossroads' fame) as Albert's ladyfriend Gertrude. One episode featured Albert & Gertrude being treated to a special free dinner on his birthday, with Vicki's pompous dad James called in to wait on them- he's furious about it, and Albert takes great delight in winding him up! Richard O'Sullivan himself wrote the show's theme music- I used to like watching the end credits, which showed a restaurant place for two being gradually cleared away until in the end, the table is bare and the chairs are upside-down on the table. Nowadays, few eateries above transport-caff level do 'chairs up' at the end of the day any more, although up until the mid-'80s this was quite common.