Batman had his Batmobile, so it's only right that Roland Rat have a Ratmobile. I'm afraid that's where the similarities between the two characters ends, and their modes of transport are radically different too. For a start, Roland Rat's car is bright pink!

The toy version of the childrens' TV favourite's car was made in 1985 by Matsurisho Toys (also behind Wheelies). It was modelled on a 100E Ford Anglia car model - very fitting for the British-born rat. The toy was also fully controllable via a remote (see the red box in the photo). So, like any other remote-control car toy (and there was quite a rush of them during the 80s), you could make it do whatever you liked - all the while trying to not chip Mum's dining room skirting board!

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Do You Remember Ratmobile?

Do You Remember Ratmobile?

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    I have one of these had it from new the car was only played with once and then put back it its box the box is now a bit tatty but the car is still like new - How do I find out what its worth please?