Rambo (First Blood)

Rambo (First Blood) is the 1982 film starring Sylvester Stallone as decorated Vietnam war veteran John Rambo. Rambo returns home to America to less than a hero's welcome and finds that things are not quite the same since he left.

On his way to meet a friend, who has long since died, Rambo runs into the town's sheriff, is mistaken for a vagabond and thrown in jail. Pushed into a corner, abused and ridiculed, Rambo is forced to use his military tactical expertise and survival instincts to escape and defend himself.

Ultimately he lets loose a series of deadly attacks bringing the town and a mortally scared sheriff to their knees until his Colonel intervenes.

The pace of the movie never lets up with blistering action, an exotic out of town locale and a pulsating soundtrack making for edge of the seat excitement.

Watch out for Sylvester Stallone as the taciturn but deadly war veteran in this first of three trail blazing movies. Ably supported by Richard Crenna as the Colonel and Brian Dennehey as the Sheriff.

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Do You Remember Rambo (First Blood)?

Do You Remember Rambo (First Blood)?