Rain Man (1988)

Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise star in this powerful film about a man's relationship with his autistic brother.

Charlie didn't even know he had a brother until his father dies and leaves all his inheritance to his autistic brother Raymond, who doesn't even understand what money is for.

Charlie kidnaps his brother from the instituion he lives in and embarks on a long road journey of discovery. (They have to make the journey by road because Raymond will only fly Qantas!).

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Do You Remember Rain Man?

Do You Remember Rain Man?

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    A superb film, only saw it a few months ago. Cruise plays ruthless and self-centred classic car dealer Charlie Babbitt, with Gloria Golino as his gentle Hispanic girlfriend. After taking delivery of a consignment of Maserati's that he didn't order and knows he can't sell, the frustrated couple are off for a well-earned weekend break to Palm Springs when Charlie gets a call on his carphone to say that his estranged father has died. Not that he cares much- he's been at loggerheads with his Dad for many years and they hated each other. But nonetheless, out of duty they turn back to attend the funeral. Afterwards, the family solicitor informs Charlie that his father's $3million estate has been bequeathed to an unknown benefactor, whose identity he is not at liberty to reveal. Charlie's own inheritance? His father's collection of prize rose-bushes and his classic 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible- he doesn't even get the family home!! Charlie is furious, but also mystified- who IS this mysterious other person? Circumstances lead him to the local psychiatric institution, where he discovers to his astonishment dwells an older autistic brother Raymond he never knew he had. Raymond is very much a savant- he can do incredibly complex mathematical equations in his head in a matter of seconds and tell the number of matches in a box at a single glance, but at the same time cannot tell left from right or remember the contents of the many books he has read. Charlie takes the opportunity to make off with Raymond in an attempt to persuade him to make over the inheritance to him- but as the threesome journey across America in the old Buick, a bond of understanding and, eventually, love develops between them that in the end makes Charlie a better person and convinces him that money is by no means the most important thing in life.