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A great Dutch sound of the 1970s and 80s: from a trio of sisters , headed by Toni Wille.

Pussycat's sound was a distinctive rock/country/ harmony which made the trio European superstars.

Pussycat made little impact in the UK other than their well-known Number 1 Chart Hit : "Mississippi" in 1974. But they were very big stars in continental Europe.

Toni finally turned into a solo performer and the group ended. But their records still sell in vast numbers ; and a 3 -set DVD a couple of years ago is a huge success.

Prolific recording artists, most of Pussycat's material is available ( now on CD and DVD) from the usual sources.

I was lucky enough to see the group perform in a bar, just an impromptu gathering for some friends of theirs; and I met Toni, Betty and Marianne.Nice ladies, nice sound, nice memories. Try their song " My Broken Souvenirs".

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Do You Remember Pussycat?

Do You Remember Pussycat?

  • Anonymous user
    Loved 'Missisippi' - reminds me of dancing at school disco and singing along with my friends. Thought they were so cool.