Puppy in my Pocket

I always remember visiting my dads house on a Saturday when I was younger and my step sister would pull out a big pink box full of little plastic dogs. Each one had its own card, a little like Trump Cards if i remember correctly. Each puppy had its own name, stats and a little description about what its "hobbies" were. But, I also remember most of the puppies were the same one, just painted a different colour with a different name. My step sister also had a little pink carrycase house that had a blue (i think) roof and yellow floors inside. It folded in half and you could carry your puppies with you.

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Do You Remember Puppy in my Pocket?

Do You Remember Puppy in my Pocket?

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    I started collecting Puppy In my Pocket in the early 90s. Just when I got close to completing the set, they brought out series 2! So I never managing to get them, but I spent alot of pocket money trying.