Private Call Phone

Private Call Phone was a toy phone created by Coleco in 1984 for teenage girls who had nosy little brothers and sisters who like to listen to who you are on the phone with! It was white and it came with a key and the phone opened up like a diary and had automatic dialing and a place to put photos of the people that you were talking to and the phone corresponded with the photos. So, for example, you have a picture of Roger placed in one of the photo slots and he is number 6 on your automatic dialing, you simply flip to his photo and press that number on the automatic dialing part of the phone and it would direct you to that person.

The best thing about the phone was that no one knew who you were talking to and that no one could listen in to your conversations. I remember as a kid walking past this phone in the store and I would love to find one of these phones factory-sealed and unopened and unused! In fact i would love to buy 3 of them! I could really use one of them today because my sister's kids are very nosy and when I babysit them when I'm not out on a date or out of town they like to listen in on my phone conversations!

Anyway if anyone has one or more that one that is factory sealed and never been opened just contact me and i will be glad to buy them from you...

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Do You Remember Private Call Phone?

Do You Remember Private Call Phone?