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I think Prince was always overly conscious of being rather small! He used to go everywhere with 20+ minders! Prince wrote some brilliant songs during the 80's including "When Doves Cry" and his "Purple Rain" album was excellent. He always wore high heels too!

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Do You Remember Prince?

Do You Remember Prince?

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    HATED him- arrogant, iconoclastic, vainglorious fop of a man, who refused to return to England after attending the '84 Grammy's because he claimed that he wasn't shown enough respect. I remember him going up on stage with American wrestler Hulk Hogan as his bodyguard- who the HELL did he think he was??!! Apparently the song 'Little Red Corvette' is supposed to be rude- I believe the man now calls himself 'The Artist'. I'm happy to tell him what type of artist I think he is- loathed him then and loathe him now!!