Power Pockets

These toys were compact and amazing.

To the untrained eye, Power Pockets just looked like rectangular black disks or boxes. However, built into the box or disk was always a toy you could usually launch from the pad.

Power Pockets really did have power! Most of the toys, and you could get lots of different types of vehicles, had a zip chord you could pull to release the tiny vehicle at great speed!

I had the car, but you could get a motorbike, and plane, or the one I wanted – a helicopter! That looked amazing!

Pocket Power, Power Pockets, were released in 1988 to 1989 and made by SEGA (I know, the megadrive people!). Though the toys themselves were distributed by Tyco Toys – though Tyco are now a part of the massive toy monolith that is Mattel.

I remember these toys being available by a counter in my Mum’s local chemists shop – in fact I’d gotten my car bought for me when I was ill and had to go and get some medicine (it was the best illness I ever had!). They must have been fairly cheap because we didn’t have much money, and they were for sale by the counter (they never put expensive things in front of the counter)

Oh, and each Pocket Power toy had a card that was at the back of the disk or box that had a biography, and tech specs, directions and other things about the vehicle you had. The card was kind of like a Top Trump, only

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Do You Remember Power Pockets?

Do You Remember Power Pockets?