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Pobol y Cwm

Throwing a sickie from school in 70s Birmingham used to become a surreal event at about 3.20pm. For it was at this time that the powers-that-beeb at Pebble Mill (RIP) deemed it appropriate to treat us to the Welsh language soap opera that gives Corrie a run for its money when you consider it's still going strong today!

The programme was set in Cwmderi, a fictitious village in West Wales, although for some freaky reason I've had a flashback to a road sign in the opening credits from 1977 implying it is located in real life on the B4342 between Tregaron and Lampeter. Lord only knows how that has stuck in my brain for 30 years - it must have had more of an effect on me than I first thought!

I imagine storylines have evolved somewhat from the "one-of-the-sheep-have-gone-missing" plots of the seventies. Back then that was about as tenterhooks as it got!!

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Do You Remember Pobol y Cwm?

Do You Remember Pobol y Cwm?