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Phileas Fogg Devilishly Hot Tortilla Chips

Wow, these were the bad boys of the snack world - hot and fiery and not to be taken lightly! I wish they'd bring them back - their new Tortillas are just not the same. Anyone else agree? The Totally Cool ones just don't have the kind of kick many people are looking for. There are rumours that the Devilishly Hot ones have been rebranded in Ireland and so still exist, but nowhere else. So why not visit the Phileas Fogg website ( and, like me, demand the return of their Devilishly Hot Tortilla Chips! C'mon lets have them back . . by popular demand!!

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Do You Remember Phileas Fogg Devilishly Hot Tortilla Chips?

Do You Remember Phileas Fogg Devilishly Hot Tortilla Chips?

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    I didn't think that the Phileas Fogg brand existed any more, so I'm glad to learn that it does. Certainly nowhere round where I live stocks any of their stuff. I used to love having a bag of their tortillas with a glass of home-brew ale back in the late '80s,whilst watching late night TV. The brand was named after the hero of 'Around The World in 80 Days', and the bags would have an extract printed on the back from one of Phileas's fictional letters home to his aunty. As well as the tortillas, there were Californian Corn Chips, Mignon Morceaux (a French snack of seasoned fried bread slices) and others. Those tortillas really were authentic- they have since been pushed into the background by Walker's Doritos, but despite all claims, the latter just aren't anything like as true to the real thing!