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One of my mates from school was a HUGE Phil Collins fan. (I didn't intentionally mean to point out that he was a fan of Phil AND he was huge, although ironically he was quite portly.)

He had all 5 albums (at that time) and lent them to me to make copies of. Initially I thought they were ok, but after a few plays I really got into them.

Tracks like "In The Air Tonight" were realy atmospheric if listened to in the right mood, and I even went to the library to get out manuscripts to learn to play a few tunes on the piano.

Of course, Phil Collins was with Genesis before he went solo.

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Do You Remember Phil Collins?

Do You Remember Phil Collins?

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    NOT my favourite artiste as an individual, both because of his huge egotism and his involvement with train robber Buster Edwards. Not only was he willing to prtray that cold-blooded thug as a loveable 'cheeky chappie' in the 1988 film, he knew Edwards personally and waxed lyrical about him when he died, saying that he was really a very nice guy- maybe he'd like to say that to Jack Vallance's widow.... Some of his songs remain timeless classics though- apparently, 'In The Air Tonight' was based upon a real tragic incident that occurred when he was a boy. He and a friend were swimming at the seaside one day, when the friend got into difficulties and started to drown. Being a poor swimmer himself, the young Phil asked a bystander to come to the rescue- the man thought that it was a prank and waved him away, with the result that the poor friend perished. Decades later, when he was a famous rock star, Phil somehow managed to track down the negligent bystander who had refused to help, and asked him to attend one of his concerts. He treated him like royalty, paying for 5-star accomodation for him, laying on a chauffer-driven limo and ensuring that he had a front-of-house seat. BUT- when he began to sing 'In The Air Tonight', Phil had the spotlight turned right on the guy and made the whole concert hall realise that the song was meant to be about him, and his callousness all those years ago. The man was so distressed as a result that a few weeks after the concert, he committed suicide. Incidentally, old Phil Collins vinyl is virtually valueless nowadays. I work in a secondhand book & record shop that raises money for Amnesty International, and we can't shift his old records or cassettes however hard we try. Strange, given that Genesis stuff usually DOES sell....!!