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PET SHOP BOYS, a wonderful music Duo from England - Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe. I remember suffering a year of really dire music.  The charts were full of awful awful fake soul music.  The big bands of the early eighties were going through splits, hissy fits or just lack of creativity,  Gosh it was dull.  Anyway - out came 'West End Girls' - and it was just so different from the other rubbish around.  I loved the mag 'Smash Hits' and knew Tennant as a journalist and in his 'leaving interview' he pondered whether he would succeed or not.  He did in spades.  My loss maybe, but I went off them by the late 90's as they didn't seem to develop musically and just carried on sounding the same.  All the same - they played a huge part of my teenage years and spoke into my teenage angst - whatever that means :-)

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Do You Remember Pet Shop Boys?

Do You Remember Pet Shop Boys?