Penny Brite

This was a girl doll from the 60s and 70s, made by Topper Toys, with bendable legs and arms. She had a lovely smile and dimpled cheeks. She was not an adult-looking doll like Sindy, and had a girlish body rather than curvaceous, standing at 8in tall. Her hair was bobbed and turned under and she had a red bow on her head that was held in place with a pin (wouldn't be allowed today), and she came in a lovely red and white panelled dress. She had her own accessories, which included a hairdressing salon.

Penny Bright was sold in a plastic case with a blue back and clear front. The genius part was that the carry handle for it could be swung into the box to act as a hanging rail for all her clothes!

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Do You Remember Penny Brite?

Do You Remember Penny Brite?