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Pass the Buck

There have been a few versions of this game "Pass the Buck" since the 1970's, and one television show. It is such a popular phrase, and brings up the idea of a board game with the "passing" the buck, that it's proliferated!

Some versions don't even relate to each other - in some a "buck" is a dollar. In others a "buck" is a male deer! Some versions are still made.

The most well known board game version in the UK was imported directly from America and was about North American wildlife. The players all start with a certain amount of nickels, and have to try to gain the correct cards of the lowest score. People with high scoring cards have to "donate" their nickels at the end of the game and can then lose. The winner is the person with the most nickels!

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Do You Remember Pass the Buck?

Do You Remember Pass the Buck?