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Party Mania

Party Mania was a typical girlie game manufactured by Parker Bros.

The aim of Party Mania is to get to a party that two boys you know are having and you have to complete all your chores to do so. The board itself is divided up into different rooms in your house like your bedroom, the bathroom etc. There are chore cards that you pick up as you go around the board as well as tokens like make-up, nails, hair etc, all things needed to get ready for the party. If you do all your chores and collect all the tokens you can go to the party! If not, you're stuck in with these nerdy twins.....and it's a Saturday night!!

A VHS accompanies the game, and you have to follow this. There is a little introduction and then a clock will appear on the screen with 9.00am meaning the game has started. Cheesy music plays too! Every so often, a ringing sound will appear and someone is at the door or it's your family from round the house telling you what to do. They will either help you or, more often then not, hinder you. This carries on until either 5.30pm or 6.00pm. If you have not completed all your chores and collected the get ready token by now you have failed and will not go to the party but spend Saturday night in with the nerdy boys.

I hope this is descriptive as this is all from memory! I had this game when I was about 9 or 10 so I'm guessing this game was out between 1992-1994.

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Do You Remember Party Mania?

Do You Remember Party Mania?

  • Anonymous user
    I used to love Party Mania. for some reason i remember the little brother having a bowl full of green gundge or something and it would always delay getting to the dates!