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Panda Pops

In my childhood, never was there a church fete that passed without me consuming a significant percentage of my own body weight in Panda Pops.

These small bottles of fizzy drink (think of a plastic bottle slightly smaller than a 330ml coke can) with the fizzy drink inside - they were the poor man's coke. They never tasted quite the same as the real stuff, in fact I don't think I ever had even a chilled one, and they were sweet and sticky as it was possible for something to be.

The only way to consume them was warm, off a crepe covered trestle table for 5p, or to win them as the worst available tombola prize.

They also featured quite heavily on family outings. Again the warm tiny mock Fanta was consumed with white bread and marmite sandwiches beside an unfamiliar playground.

They came in a number of flavours. Cherry was my favourite.

For a time I took to freezing them, and trying to make an kind of "Panda slush" which was really quite enjoyable. In fact I think I might go off and make on eof those now!

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Do You Remember Panda Pops?

Do You Remember Panda Pops?

  • Anonymous user
    In the later years just before mothers called for this particular kids drink to be ditched, I only went for the raspberry and cherry flavoured versions.
  • Anonymous user
    In the early nineties Panda Pops made a bright green cola flavoured fizzy drink.