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Oor Wullie is a comic strip, set in Scotland, in the D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd newspaper The Sunday Post. It features a boy named William ('Wullie' - Oor Wullie is Our Willie in Scots) whose trademarks are spiky hair, dungarees and sitting on an upturned bucket - indeed, the strip has started and ended with a single frame featuring Wullie on his bucket since early 1937. The earliest strips always ended with Wullie complaining 'I nivver get ony fun roond here!' and featured very little dialogue, with the artistic style settling down by 1940 and changing little since. A frequent tag-line reads "Oor Wullie! Your Wullie! A'body's Wullie!". I personally still get the annual every year for Christmas (either Broons or Oor Wullie) and still love every page! I also get the Oor Wullie annual every year, even when I lived in Australia for 15 years and New zealand for 8 years. My mum would post them to me no matter where I was living.

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Do You Remember Oor Wullie?

Do You Remember Oor Wullie?

  • Anonymous user
    its a shame tha oor wullie is becoming mare english. tha best wans were the auld wans if ye ask me.