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On The Move

On The Move was a 1970's adult literacy programme about two removal men, one of whom had problems reading and writing. Bob Hoskins played one of the men and the On The Move title appeared on the side of their van. What little I can remember of the theme tune is: "On the move, on the move, we're on the move again," and, "Life is an open book, if you open your eyes and look."

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Do You Remember On The Move?

Do You Remember On The Move?

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    Yeah, I'm glad that someone else can remember this one too! It first appeared in '76- the Bob Hoskins character was called Alf and his mate was Bert, played by Donald Gee. The show as also interspursed with sketches and excercises featuring Nigel Stock, Patricia hayes and Norman Rossington. Barry Took wrote the theme tune, which was performed by The Dooleys. 'Not the Nine-O-Clock News' cruelly parodied the intro to the programme, showing a lorry driving over the Spaghetti Junction with the title spelt wrong ('On The Moov'). Mel Smith later issued an apology for making fun of adult illiteracy.