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Noah and Nelly in Skylark

This was a quasi religious themed kids show. Quasi - because the characters in the show were called Noah (he owned an ark) and his wife Nelly who had a lot of animals on their ark. Although their animals were very strange creatures. Every episode Noah would point to a position on a map and say "Let's go there".

On arriving at their random destination, the SkylArk's crew find various strange inhabitants such as talking televisions who usually have a problem they can't solve themselves. The animals often try to help, but things are usually solved by Nelly, who uses her knitting skills to create machines which solve the problem!

I really don't see how this solution wasn't used in other areas of 1970's life - Knitting could perhaps have stopped the problems with miners or the electricity shortages. Perhaps my Gran, who sat knitting most of her life, was involved in some kind of grand scheme on that front? Or perhaps not. At least I had more mittend than I could shake a muddy stick at.

Noah and Nelly was created by Grange Calveley, writer of the earlier and better known Roobarb and Custard cartoon.

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Do You Remember Noah and Nelly in Skylark?

Do You Remember Noah and Nelly in Skylark?

  • Anonymous user
    'All aboard the Skylark!'
  • Anonymous user
    The whole thing was very trippy in a '60s, Beatles-ish kind of way (pretty remeniscent in many ways of 'Yellow Submarine'). The Skylark was a wonderful, polka-dotted multi-purpose vehicle which could fly, sail or sprout road wheels whenever the need arose. Both it and the resident animals were all two-headed, like the Pushmi-Pullyu from 'Dr.Doolittle'- one head being cheerful and the other miserable (Nelly the elephants, Achmed the camels and so on). Episodes included helping a community of televisions who couldn't broadcast anything but the news, a group of clocks whose cuckoos had all migrated and not returned, and so on. The whole show was pure legacy of the previous decade, 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' all over- I thought it was wonderful, VERY imaginitive.