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This was a fun game quite similar to “Scoop’ another news based board game - that preceeded it by a year or two - still that doesn’t take away from the fact that is was a lot of fun. Finding out stories and making sure they were reported!

Newsdesk is all about the adventure of being a journalist, living in the world of newspapers and TV reporting.

In the game, each player is a newspaper editor and has a front page to make up. The front of each newspaper has 4 blank slots to fill with a pressing and impressive story.

Each editor has 4 reporters who collect stories to fill the empty spaces!

The playing board shows a map of the world with many different cities. A news item can break anywhere in the world, and an editor has to make sure that he has a reporter in the city where the story breaks! So a big part of the game is strategy and making decisions about where to put your reporters.

Brilliantly each game also has a telex machine and tape, that old ticker tape machine that reports what happens around the world. I wish I had one. Okay, I know they internet is much better, but I loved the idea of those when I was smaller.

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Do You Remember Newsdesk?

Do You Remember Newsdesk?