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New Faces Board Game

It’s 1975, Simon Cowell is but a young man dreaming of glory in a punk nightclub, but there were still very famous talent competitions!

Two were Opportunity Knocks and the other was New Faces!

New Faces brought us Shawaddywaddy, and Les Dennis! So who says talent competitions don’t bring quality to our screens. May Jedward be here for many years to come!

This here was a board game based on that most formative of TV shows New Faces. And great fun it was too – with the added bonus that any over eager Uncle who wanted a bit of fame could get it off his chest with this game instead of embarrassing your on national TV!

Each player had an “act” which they had to get thorough a series of stages to get and win on TV. First you had to get your act through an audition for the "New Faces" TV show, and then move on to the Star Circuit. The winner was the first player to accumulate £20,000, Jedward and Susan Boyle earn that in their sleep! Times have changed.

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Do You Remember New Faces Board Game?

Do You Remember New Faces Board Game?