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My Mother The Car

My Mother The Car, starring Jerry Van Dyke as the main character who hears a woman's voice come from a car he's just bought - but his mum's dead!

The programme belonged to the genre of "wacky" sitcoms popular at the time, such as Bewitched and My Favorite Martian. But it failed and, for many years was widely ridiculed as the "worst show of all time," though many competitors have vied for that title since. It did not help that the highly respected Dick Van Dyke Show, starring Jerry's brother, was still on the air at the time on another network. It might also be argued that the show was somewhat ahead of its time (Knight Rider, a more-successful 80s action program, also used the talking-car concept).

Despite My Mother the Car being a huge hit with younger viewers, no one at the time knew just how to exploit the youth market with anything other than cartoons.

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Do You Remember My Mother The Car?

Do You Remember My Mother The Car?

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    "A 1928 Porter, that's my Mother Dear. She helps me through everything I do and I'm so glad she's here. My Mother the car"