My First Sony

This was my first cassette player, an almost indestructible hand held tape player that I LOVED as a child. I had a number of tapes that ran though it – like a “My First nursery rhymes” and an Old Mcdonald Farm tape. I can still hear them now!

My First Sony, the cassette player was mostly red and yellow, and had large colorful blue buttons with really simple controls. It was pretty large to carry but well worth having it on me. You could also record your voice into it. I must have driven my parents up the wall with the repetitive songs and constantly having it on me. And I fear for the environment when I think about how many batteries they must have bought for it over the years!

The “My First Sony” series also had other Sony branded items like microphones and alarm clocks, sketch pads and walkie talkies, all brightly coloured and hardy to the point of titanium. They were all released in the 1980’s and seemed really futuristic at the time (but then I was so young, that everything was futuristic!!)

I remember there being an amazing advert (amazing because of how they got away with insinuating a brand to such young kids) where the kids would all be singing:

“I’d like and bike, I’d like a pony, but what I love is my first Sony” in cutesy high pitched child song. With the tag line “It won’t be your last…”

I would go around the house singing that no doubt, my parents worrying about the monster they’d created. These days I don’t buy Sony products at all, so there goes the theory about brainwashing, it was still pretty scary though as I even now have that song from the advert going round and round my head!

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Do You Remember My First Sony?

Do You Remember My First Sony?