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Musical Youth

Musical Youth are most famous for taking the Mighty Diamonds song "Pass the Kutchie" and changing it to "Pass the Dutchie" to ensure radio airplay. For those that are not in the know, a kutchie is a pipe for smoking ganja and a dutchie is a cooking pot ? not much difference there then!

All said and done, this was not a bad version (although MD's was much better). They followed this with a string of pop-reggae songs; some good, some fairly bland, none as memorable as "Pass the Dutchie".

Musical Youth were formed by Freddie Waite, a former member of the Jamaican vocal harmony group "The Techniques" and also the father of bass player Patrick & Drummer Freddie Junior.

The band finally split up in about 1985 - also around this time, the bass player died whilst in police custody on a drugs charge, apparently of natural causes. I believe that some of the remaining members may still be playing under the name of XMY!

Did you know that Musical Youth recorded with Donna Summer on her album "She Works hard for the Money"?

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Do You Remember Musical Youth?

Do You Remember Musical Youth?

  • Anonymous user
    The song they did with Donna Summer was 'Unconditional Love', it was their last chart entry before they split.
  • Baseman
    Loved this song when it came out.