The Muppets were a TV show that was as Iconic as it was popular, it was just hilarious and totally caught my imagination when I was a child.

Of course they were all Puppets! So it was natural for my Mum and Dad to get me a Kermit the Frog puppet – my brother had Rolf (the piano playing dog).

These puppets were brilliant to play with because they looked exactly like the ones we’d seen on TV, so we could make our own little plays and TV shows, with our favourite characters. We could sing the songs from the Muppet Show! We could do some of the sketches or make up our own!

Playing with those puppets really was the first time I ever really created a show or script of any kind, and it seemed so easy and natural to do it, to take on the brilliant an clearly defined roles of Kermit the frog or Ms Piggy etc.

It was always really funny to use these toys. I don’t know if they are still available, but I know mine is up in the loft somewhere! I could never throw it away!

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Do You Remember Muppets?

Do You Remember Muppets?