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Munch Bunch

The Munch Bunch were a gang of unwanted fruits and vegetables, legumes and nuts all living in household together. They ran away from a corner shop to live in an old abandoned shed.

They were originally a series of children's books written by Giles Reed. Was also a TV series. The idea for them was originally conceived by teenager Angela Mitson, who also drew the characters in the book.

There was even a puppet television show as well from 1980 with all the characters from the books. All in all 52 10 minute episodes were made. You see some of them on youtube today!

In the mid-90's the munch bunch were also used as an advertising gambit by a yogurt manufacturer which still exists and is owned by nestle!

My Favourite characters were Dick Turnip (a turnip) and Professor Peabody (he had the body of a pea)

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Do You Remember Munch Bunch?

Do You Remember Munch Bunch?

  • Anonymous user
    It’s funny because just a few hours ago I was talking about the original Munch Bunch yogurts you could get in the early 80s! The banana one in particular, beautiful ❤️