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Muffin The Mule

Muffin The Mule was the star of children's TV between 1946 and 1952 when it was broadcast by the sister of John Mills from Alexandra Palace in London. After Mills dies, the shows moved over to ITV from BBC, and much later on the original Muffin was replaced by an animated version in line with what kids of the Noughties wanted. tsk!

The original Muffin The Mule puppet was made by the maker of Punch and Judy, and the puppet could be seen each programme dancing on a piano while Mills played it. Muffin had loads of friends, too, including Crumpet the Clown and Louise the Lamb, Monty the Monkey and Zebby the Zebra.

The show was so popular that it led to merchandise including books, toys, games and records.

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Do You Remember Muffin The Mule?

Do You Remember Muffin The Mule?