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Mork and Mindy game

Ah, Mork and Mindy. The theme tune reminds me of a happy time – it always played on Saturday mornings in my childhood – around 9am. It was such a fun program and I found it (well Robin Williams) very funny. It might have been the first program I really laughed at.

This was probably the reason Mum and Dad bought me the Mork and Mindy board game.

It was released when I was only 4 years old, (by Parker Brothers in 1979). So it was probably selling cheap by the time I was 8 and watching the Saturday morning repeats. In 1983.

Well, to let you know in case you don’t already know – Mork was an alien from Ork. Strand that his name had his planet name in it - it would be like calling your child Mearth. Well, Mork has come to earth to learn all he can about our planet (that’s what the box said) and he had bought this game in order to win the hearts of earthlings everywhere – that was likely anyway because everyone was saying “NA NUUU NA NUUU!” or chanting "Mork calling Orson, come in Orson" at every opportunity.

The game itself was suitably crazy and you basically did some random things and tasks like “Splinking” and “Grebbling up” while moving around the board trying to collect up coins (or “Grebbles”)

The whole game was as quick-paced and frenetic as Robin Williams was because it was about getting the most coins by the time all the coins were taken.

My brother would ALWAYS cheat at this, having a few stashed coins under the board or up his nose or something (!). thus I began cheating too, and before long the game would descend into chaos and fighting.

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Do You Remember Mork and Mindy game?

Do You Remember Mork and Mindy game?