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Monster Madness

The Monster Mash of board games!

This is actually quite a classic idea for a game, it melds a few different types of playability. Good fun, and you get to play at being Frankenstein's Monster!

It harks from the way back when of 1990, and was made by American Publishing Corp and it’s a classic roll the dice and move game.

Your goal in the game is to reach the "Lab Slab" and be electrified by lightning to become a super monster. (I was already a super monster in 1990)

It’s simple really in that you roll the dice and move that number of spaces and follow the instructions on the space. You can choose to accept that roll of the dice, or you can roll again. You have 3 rolls maximum. I wish more games had 3 chances to roll a good dice! The only other one I can think of is Yahtzee.

The jeopardy is making sure you don’t land on a lightling bolt, as if you roll this you must go back to the last lighting bolt – a bit like snakes and ladders.

The winner (or best monster!) is the first player to reach the 'lab slab' by exact count and be energized by rolling a lightning bolt becomes a 'Super Monster' and wins the game.

I am sure, parents around the world, in the midst of school holidays, playing this game as the rain lashed outside, thought there was enough monster in the child already!

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Do You Remember Monster Madness?

Do You Remember Monster Madness?