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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Fantastic long running american tv show which aired on PBs from 1968 - 2001 with a production break in-between. Re-runs of all the episodes were shown up until 2008. It was originally showed in black and white then went on to screen in colour. The show was aimed towards younger children aged between 2-5 years but was thought to be appropriate for all ages.

The theme was to cover a range of topics, including music, interacting with friends, arts and crafts etc . The show had a way of making children feel good about themselves and the people around them. Some of the characters included were 'Mr McFeely the delivery man', 'Chef Brockett' and 'Officer Clemmons'. The 'Neighborhood of Make-Believe' had quite a good number of puppets on the show which most of the voices were by the host, Fred Rogers.

Fred Rogers was well known for his cosy cardigans / jumpers and his sneakers, he sadly died in 2003.

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Do You Remember Mister Rogers' Neighborhood?

Do You Remember Mister Rogers' Neighborhood?