These die cast model cars first came to my attention though my nephew. I never had any of these cars, but he really really wanted one so I bought him one for his 9th birthday (he’s 25 now! Crikey!).

The car was really well made and pretty exciting even if I do say so myself!

Minichamps made racing cars mostly – the type of cars with advertising on them! Like the Audi V8, (German Touring Car Champion 1990). Hence I suppose the name – Mini Champs. They had models of Formula One cars and other racing cars, street cars, motorcycles, trucks & buses, and military vehicles. All champion cars and motor vehicles!

While looking into these mini vehicle manufacturers I found out that car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche and BMW, have entrusted Minichamps with the production of official promotional replicas because of the high quality of their die-cast models.

Also model car collectors wax lyrical about them (Literally!). Some of the company's 1/43 scale models are amongst the most sought after and most expensive of die-cast cars ever to be made!

Some of the minichamps cars can sell for over £2000 on ebay! Now if they had cost that much at the time there’s no way my Nephew would have gotten one!

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Do You Remember Minichamps?

Do You Remember Minichamps?