Mighty Max

Mighty Max was like a Polly Pocket toy for boys. I don't really remember them ever being in the shops but I do remember that my brother had a couple. A cereal company was doing a promotion thing on them (I think it was Coco Pops) and if you collected enough tokens then you could send off for either a Polly Pocket, if you were a girl, or a Mighty Max if you were a boy.

My brother had a black one which kind of looked like a skull and it had Mighty Max in it and he could only stand in certain places where there were grooves to put his legs into and I think there was the weird skeleton dude in it too (he was the baddy kinda person... i think anyway... or am i getting mixed up?). Ahh well, I would often steal my brother's Mighty Max character to put with my Polly Pocket so she could have a boyfriend... ahh great times...

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Do You Remember Mighty Max?