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Wow! Remember the days when almost anything educational could get on TV – irrelevant of how entertaining it was? These days it’s entertainment, entertainment, entertainment (And no education!).

Well in the same days as Open University programmes and the Sheep Dog trials, here was Micro Live! A Tv programme about basic BBC computing! That’s right, computing and programming! To those about to programme we salute you!

It was a BBC2 TV series, part of the BBC's Computer Literacy Project, The series was broadcast live. The first programme was actually a one-off two-hour-long special, broadcast on Sunday 2 October 1983.

I remember the special and just not having a CLUE what it was about. Maybe it was because I was so young, but I think I’d still not have a clue. The programme did record some significant milestones, such as the first on-air transatlantic phone call which happened from the top of a New York skyscraper to Lesley Judd sitting in a C5 outside Television Centre.

Ah the C5 – can you remember the Sinclair C5. We were all meant to be driving them these days according to Tomorrow’s world! Anyway, a real blast from the past, and a real programme of the times. I can really remember it, though I can’t remember ever watching it – I must have blocked it from my mind.

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Do You Remember Micro Live?

Do You Remember Micro Live?