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Miami 7

Best known as the programme responsible for springboarding S Club 7 into chart-topping fame, this sitcom-come-drama-come-musical par-tay first shown on Children's BBC in April 1999 saw the group (Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Hannah Spearitt, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O'Meara, Jon Lee and Rachel Stevens) try to make it in the music industry whilst playing a three-month season at the rundown Florida Paradise Hotel in Miami, under the rule of the hotel's owner, Howard Borlotti (Alfie Wise). It's unmistakably catchy theme tune, Bring It All Back was their first UK #1 that same summer.

As well as two feature-length specials in the autumn of 1999, there were two follow-up series, called L.A. 7 and Hollywood 7, which charted their adventures as they left Miami to seek fame and fortune on the west coast of America (the former series saw The Exorcist star Linda Blair play their landlady, Joni). All were hugely rated successes and screened to some 100 countries around the world at the height of S Club's career.

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Do You Remember Miami 7?

Do You Remember Miami 7?