Merry Go School Bus

This is the very first toy that I can remember playing with.

I had this and used to play with it all the time. It had a few almost mechanical mechanisms that you could mind and then the toy would move. I loved this aspect of it and found it fascinating, winding the toy up and around.

The Merry go Bus was the largest seller of a collection of 4 different toys that were very similar – There was also the “Merry go Zoo”, “Merry go Coptor” and “Merry go Train”. You can see videos of all the different Merry go toys on you tube

They were made by Tomy in 1977, and were brightly coloured and look much like early years toys do – that hard bright plastic. Because it was my first toy and I loved it I still hold a soft spot in my heart for Tomy – there’s brand loyalty at the deepest sense. Though I don’t buy Tomy stuff anymore as I’m 35…

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Do You Remember Merry Go School Bus?

Do You Remember Merry Go School Bus?

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    I had a very similar toy to this but it was push / friction powered and the bus would travel around a track and you could stop it at various points, i.e. a bridge that you raised using a lever, traffic lights that you twisted around from red to green and a ferry that would carry the bus across the river (wavy blue plastic tray basically). Loved it but cannot for the life of me remember what it was called as I'd love to try and get hold of one to show my kids - any help appreciated