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Menudo was the ultimate boy band of the 1980s in Latin America and around the world.

I remember buying their 1981 album, "Quiero Ser" and rocking the walls to the beat of "Subete a mi Moto". Every girl in Latin America loved them, every boy wanted to be one of them. I saw them in person as they returned from Mexico to Puerto Rico in 1981 and there were 10,000 people awaiting them at the tarmac. The screaming began when the Menudo Learjet with their logo on it was seen approaching the airport. They offered us a free, one song concert, with Subete a mi Moto.

Later on, as 'El Reencuentro', they toured my city and I got to meet them in person at the hotel (in a more quiet environment!) get their autographs and free passes to their local concert.

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Do You Remember Menudo?

Do You Remember Menudo?