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Men At Work

“I come from a land down under”

A great track that was, but “Men at Work” were a great band. They even had a great logo – that workmen yellow triangle. Iconic!

They formed in 1979 and stayed together until 1986 (before reforming again in 1996 – perhaps the other careers didn’t work out...)

Fact for you - they are the only Australian artists to have a simultaneous number 1 album and number 1 single in the United States AND the UK ("Business as Usual" and "Down Under" respectively)! Also, they have sold over 30 million albums worldwide – which is more than Rick Astley! That doesn’t make them sound great, but it is because Rick Astley was huge in his time!

You can still see them and they tour every so often! So keep an eye out.

They are from St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. And their names are: Colin Hay, and Greg Ham. Yep, just two of them! I thought there were more of them until I saw their video of “Down Under” a few years ago.

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Do You Remember Men At Work?

Do You Remember Men At Work?

  • Anonymous user
    Colin Hay is very funny as well as a great singer- he's a real clown in some of their music videos, and he sometimes adopts a funny accent in the songs! Much puzzlement was occasioned by the slogan 'Tanetorn Roll' wnich appeared on the front of the broken-down VW camper van in the 'Down Under' video. Apparently, Tanetorn is a place in New South Wales where there used to be a big annual music festival- I don't think it's run any more though.